Praise for Rachel Collis

Syke on Stage

“Nothing short of exquisite; compositionally, and performatively… Make room in your entertainment unit for at least one copy of Nightlight. It’ll be easy to spot. It’ll be the one glowing like the lamp of the heart. Because there’s a lot of that invested in its making. And it’ll probably beckon to you again and again.” Read full review

The Orange Press

“Beautifully realised by the sympathetic yet full-blooded production of Collis and Sean Carey (Thirsty Merc), the ten songs on Nightlight range from the heart-swelling and wide-screen to the introverted and folded-inward…Rachel Collis’ Nightlightdeserves as much of your time as it asks.” Read full review

“Collis has a voice that a contestant from The X Factor would trade a kidney for…”

BMA Magazine | Read full review

Rachel Collis – Switches on the Nightlight

Australian Musician | Read full review

Hot off the Press

“It’s only been two years since the release of the critically acclaimed Nightlight, and Rachel Collis is gearing up for the release of her third studio album, The Remains of the Day.” Read full review

Cargo Art Magazine

“Rachel Collis flicks on the Nightlight… Rachel Collis has many reasons to feel pleased with herself at the moment. She has just released her second album ‘Nightlight’ and is already receiving some good positive feedback, often from complete strangers as she explains.” Read full review

A radio interview with Ben Starr

The Conversation Arena| Read full review

On With the Show

“WHEN it comes to putting together an album, singer/songwriter Rachel Collis is not about to rush into it. She believes “every song has to matter.” Read full review

Digital Journal

“Rachel Collis is unique among many of her peers in the Aussie pop/folk scene in that she’s classically trained and even has a Master’s Degree in Music in Composition and Music Production from the Australian Institute of Music (A.I.M).” Read full interview

Fringe Benefits

“If you love Regina Spektor…Rachel Collis truly is of equal prowess, with a little bit more funny in the mix, and an added pinch of poignancy.” Read full review

Curtain Call

“She’s not the messiah… But then, who’s to say? Maybe she’s the one we’ve been waiting for.” Read full review

“…sheer genius… the versatility and prodigy of Collis’ songwriting.”

Australian Stage | Read full review

Theatre People

“Each song unfolds surprisingly…always holding the audience in its grip… touching, thoughtful, satirical, ironic and downright hilarious.” Read full review

Sydney Fringe

“A quirky combination of warmth and talent, she has the rare ability to make you feel at home while taking you far from your comfort zone.” (2013) Read full review

“…definitely an interesting break from your usual music… She has talent, it’s true.”

Sydney What’s On | Read full review

Australian Stage

“Not only does [Rachel] possess a linguistic gift, but a profound talent for storytelling, structure (melody, harmony, rhythm) and orchestration. She’s a one-off; an original. She’s Stephen Sondheim, Groucho Marx and Blossom Dearie. She’s the Tower of Pisa. The smile on the Mona Lisa. She’s the top.”(2013) Read full review

Curtain Call

“…the great underdiscovered, unwittingly underground… talent of her time.” Read full review

“A welcome jolt back to the time of… Carole King and Joni Mitchell”

Orange Press