A little about Rachel

Rachel Collis is a singer/songwriter with folk, rock and cabaret influences. Her trademarks are finely-crafted heartfelt lyrics, whirlwind virtuosic piano playing, and an unusual capacity for shifting between earnest storytelling and outrageous humour. She is sweetness, sophistication and good old-fashioned songwriting – with just a dash of funny in the mix!

“…sheer genius […] the versatility and prodigy of Collis’ songwriting.”

(Australian Stage, 2012)

“Each song unfolds surprisingly… always holding the audience in its grip…”

(Theatre People, 2014)

Rachel’s highly-anticipated third album, The Remains Of The Day produced by Rachel and Sean Carey (Thirsty Merc) – is a 10-track-record that gives an intimate look into Rachel’s pysche, offering breathtaking vocals and fragile lyricism. True to form, Rachel’s new album delves into familiar song writing territory; tackling love, heartbreak, fear and the brevity and fragility of life. It reminds listeners to appreciate the smallest things and boldly embrace every moment.

“Nothing short of exquisite; compositionally and performatively…”

(Syke on Stage, 2014)

“Collis has a voice that a contestant from the X Factor would trade a kidney for…”

(BMA Magazine, 2014)

As a live performer, Rachel is known for generating a mood that possesses the entire building. Rachel sings about kind words, the infinite value of the present moment, and inextinguishable hope. And sometimes she sings about gluten-intolerance. Or pet hell. Whether banging on the piano like Ben Folds, or recounting urban folk story like Joni Mitchell, whether bringing an audience to laughter, or to tears, the spell never really changes; it’s deep, tender, and bursting with energy.

“If you love Regina Spektor… Rachel Collis is truly of equal prowess.”

(Fringe Benefits, 2014)

So what brought Rachel to this point? Rachel has always admired the ability of an honest song to connect complete strangers in the shared human experience. Though a classically trained pianist and vocalist, her heart has always been in folk and rock music for the simple unpretentious joy of it. She spent many hours as a teenager locked away in her room listening to her favourite singer/songwriters sing about life and love through the speakers of a cheap cassette player, and she wrote prolifically. After a German/Linguistics degree and some years as a High School teacher, she left to pursue a music career, undertaking a Masters of Music in Composition and Music Production at the Australian Institute of Music (A.I.M). Since 2012 Rachel has performed in music venues across Sydney, in the Sydney (2012, 2013) and Adelaide Fringe Festivals (2013, 2014) and in sell-out performances of her one-woman show at the prestigious Riverside Theatres in Parramatta (2012). Her second album Nightlight was released in 2014 to critical acclaim and has grown Rachel an international following of highly dedicated fans. Her third studio album, The Remains Of The Day was released on October 24, 2016 and is now available on iTunes.

“Not only does [Rachel] possess a linguistic gift, but a profound talent for storytelling, structure (melody, harmony, rhythm) and orchestration. She’s a one-off; an original… She’s the top.”

(Australian Stage, 2013)

“A welcome jolt back to the time of… Carole King and Joni Mitchell”

Orange Press