I’m so excited to have welcomed our first VIP members to the Friends Of Rachel community!

In case you’re wondering whether to come join us, I’ve put together a handy list of answers to common questions to help put your mind at ease…

What is Friends Of Rachel exactly?

Music, community and creativity are three things that have changed my life. Friends Of Rachel is a online community that celebrates these three things. At it’s most basic level it’s a fan site for people who engage with my music, but Friends Of Rachel is so much more than that! It’s a opportunity to come together, to share our stories and our art with each other, and to let it change and connect us.

What will I get access to?

– All of my recordings so far (Ever After, Nightlight, The Remains Of The Day, The Remains Of The Day Bonus Tracks, The B Side) and all published and unpublished recordings in the future. (You never have to buy an album again AND you will get exclusive access to recordings made especially for Friends Of Rachel)
– An extensive catalogue of sheet music of my songs
– Monthly live streamed performances from my lounge room, and access to all past performances
– Access to my Vlog, where I interview successful creative artists about their careers and their creative processes
– A Forum where you can share your own creative work or your story with like-minded people, and where you can access the creative work of other site members
– A Book Club where you can post about what you are reading, and enjoy hearing about what myself and other members of the community are reading

Hmm, I’m not sure I want to pay that much money…

Think of it this way. $27 per year is $2.25 per month! That’s less than 1 take-away cup of coffee per month! And I don’t know about you, but most people I know buy at least one per day! So, it’s a tiny amount of money for something that will give you a much more lasting high 😉

Plus, your contribution means a lot to me personally and creatively – it will help me create more music and be able to devote more time to sharing it with my fans and community, which includes you!

What’s the difference between Classic Membership and Premium Membership?

Both memberships give you full access to the site. Premium Membership goes the extra mile by contributing a donation along with the regular membership fee. It’s a great way to support me financially if you believe in the value of the music and song to change lives, and would like to give that little bit extra. People who pay the Premium Membership fee ($97/yr) will be credited on the jacket sleeve of my next album – your name in print!

I don’t have the money right now – can I join later?

Yes, you can, but remember – the special discounted offer of $27/yr is only available up until September 30! After that the price for Classic Membership will go up to $47/yr, so I suggest acting today and locking in the 40% discount for life. That way you get the most value for your money!

What if I sign up and change my mind?

Of course, you can unsubscribe from the community at any time. Technically, you could pay the fee once, download all my music to keep, and then unsubscribe! But hopefully you’ll want to stick around for the exclusive live performances and the wonderful creative community 🙂

I’m already part of some online communities. Why should I join this one?

The downloadable music alone is worth more than the joining fee. Not to mention the live-streamed online shows. But Friends Of Rachel is so much more than just a fan site. It’s about community. My life has truly been blessed by the stories and creative work my fans have sent me over the past couple of years – ever since I started sharing my music beyond Australia. It was these emails that inspired me to create this community, so that we could all be enriched by each other.

I’m not a very creative person and don’t have anything to share.

Come and be a fly on the wall! You’re welcome to just enjoy what others are sharing, and you never, seeing the creative work of others might ignite the spark within you!

Besides which, we may not all be creative artists, but everyone has a story to tell, and stories are as welcome as any other creative work 🙂

What if I share my stuff and people don’t like it?

Friends Of Rachel is a safe, open-minded community where you can share without fear of judgment, regardless of where you are on your creative journey. Because Friends Of Rachel is an exclusive community, there are no trolls. And I keep an eye on the comments to make sure that the space remains friendly and collaborative.

I’m not in Australia – will the live shows be in the middle of the night for me?

Live shows will be streamed at different times each month so that everyone will have a chance to see the performances at the time of streaming, regardless of where they are in the world. All live streamed sessions will also be archived so you can come back and watch later.

I’m not really into books.

No problem! There’s something for everyone on this site. You may not be into reading, but you may like playing the guitar and singing, and are keen to access my sheet music catalogue. Or maybe you just want access to all my music to listen to. Or to make some new creative friends. The site is there for you to take advantage of however you choose.

The fact of the matter is that the Friends Of Rachel community will be what we make it – together. A place of creativity and joy, shaped by each and every member. Without you it will be missing something – you! I hope you will choose to be a part of it and come on this journey with us.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

To join go to friendsofrachel.rachelcollis.com

See you on the other side!