There are 3 things I am truly passionate about. Music. Community. Creativity.

Everybody needs community. We need each other.

And everybody has a story. A journey that’s brought them to where they are today. Everyone’s path looks different, each with ups and downs, each with tremendous joy and pain. And those journeys are what make each of us who we are today.

Our unique experiences make us different, but sadly they so often become the cause of division. But I’ve found that when we sit down together over coffee, or a beer, or a glass of wine, and listen to each others’ stories, we find we have more in common than not, and that we can be companions along the journey. That’s community. And everybody deserves to belong.

I tell my story through music. When I first started sharing my music online with people overseas, I was delighted how many people responded via email with their own story, or by giving me some of their own art. A community was forming around me.

Next Friday, September 1st, I am opening a membership site called “Friends of Rachel.” Having a community of like-minded people gathering around me was such a beautiful experience. It was one that I wanted each of those gathered around me to be able to share with each other. “Friends Of Rachel” will be an exclusive online community, a space where everyone can take part and share their stories and their art with each other. Where we can engage in community and conversation.

And after months of planning, I’m excited to announce that the doors are opening next Friday 1st of September!

Inside the community you will also have access to a treasure trove of other goodies, like my full (and growing!) catalogue of released and unpublished music, access to sheet music, access to regular live streamed performances, a vlog featuring interviews with other creative artists, and a book club.

I want everyone to be able to take part, so I’ve kept things as affordable and possible. And when the site is officially opened next week, there will be a further special discount offer for early adopters.

I also want to give people who believe in what I do, who believe in the value of music and song, the opportunity to support me a little more financially. So again, for early adopters, there are some special treats for those who would like to pay the annual fee with a donation.

But more about that on September 1st